Love stories written by God,

and told by me!

You are tired of looking at hundreds of photographers, offering all the same packages. You want something DIFFERENT. Something unique to you. You want an experience dreamed and conjured by your God-given adventurous and romantic spirit. And you want a  Christian Elopement Photographer who is not only able to dream with you, but also plan and capture the adventure of a lifetime. It's me! I'm your girl!

Creative. wild. free.
Chose a wedding experience thats authentic to you.

Honoring God With Movie-Like Elopements

Start Planning Your Elopement Today!

"Oh my goodness Amberly was the absolute best!!! We had such a blast with her. She was sweet, funny, a personal hype gal, Plus, she was super organized, brought snacks and drinks, and the list goes ON!"

- The Grays

Take back your dreams and plan the elopement that ignites your soul...

Be fully immersed in each epic moment and allow me to capture it so you can relive it over and over again!

Planning something like this takes a lot of people doing a lot of different things, right? WRONG! To plan your wildly adventurous wedding, all you are going to need is me! After all, I'm so much more than just a photographer! I'm your...

  • Adventure Guide
  • Park Specialist
  • Safety Ranger
  • Hiking Buddy
  • Location Scouter
  • Planner & Coordinator
  • Permit Resource
  • Makeup toucher-upper
  • Dress Pinner
  • Gear Holder
  • Brainstorming BFF
  • Hype Girl

The "Amazing Photographer" Part is Just a Plus!

Trust me, having one super skilled person who specializes in managing all these things is so much better than having to hire a whole team to do the job! Not only is it more efficient, but it also eliminates the risk of "Loss of Vision" which can happen when too many hands are in one basket!

Packages, Pricing, all the things...

Ditch Traditions in The Name of Freedom

Be bold. be brave. elope.

Breaking the mold may feel scary at first but with each personalized element chosen for your day, your sure to experience new bounds of ecstasy. 

Chances are you've spent a good while trying to find ways to appease everyone but yourself, and that has ultimately led you to the idea of eloping. Now, take that urge and run with it! 

Allow yourself the unapologetic freedom to dream like a child, and create a day that inspires you. Maybe you'll have coffee and oatmeal right outside your tent on a riverside cliff, or maybe you'll slow dance beneath the milky-way in your favorite national park. Whatever your imagination creates, I'll be there to help you see it through! Whatever you wish for... you can have it! And you can do it all while honoring and glorifying God.

5 - Star Reviews

Amberly was the highlight of our big day among all of our vendors. We had an early ceremony in GNP and Amberly did not let the early start slow her down one bit. From the moment she arrived we could tell she was excited to get started capturing our wedding day. 

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Ali + Kaleb

5 - Star Reviews

Oh my goodness Amberly was the absolute best!!! We had such a blast with her. She was sweet, funny, a personal hype gal, PLUS, she was super organized, brought snacks and drinks, and the list goes ON! 

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Tascha + Michael

5 - Star Reviews

Amberly was absolutely FANTASTIC! My future hubby and I are from Texas and decided to do a spontaneous engagement session in Glacier National Park. She was so great to work with! 

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Amy + Spencer

Who's the Third Wheel?

I bet you're thinking...

Meet Amberly!

Your hopeless romantic, cafiene addicted, adventure seeking experience creating bestie!

I might be the only person in the world more excited about your wedding day than you! I'm a 30 year-old mom of four, rounding out my third year of capturing the most amazing couples in some of the world's coolest places!

I drink a lot of coffee, I hike a little (slowly perhaps), I cuss a little (or a lot) and I love pouring Jesus into all that I do . But mostly I spend all day gushing over epic elopement plans, compiling location guides, editing incredible galleries, and encouraging others to grow in the industry with no limits!

Basically I'm a Superhero...just kidding!