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less than 20 miles out of Columbia Falls, MT

More than 20 miles out of Columbia falls, mt

The ART of Story Telling Photo-journalism

and why its better than 'pose focused" photography

As a mom and a photographer, I have learned that often times getting the best images has always happened when no one was trying. What do I mean...? Well, think about it when I'm posing you and directing you, telling you to move this way and that, not only are you not having fun. (No one is) Your also going to be 100x more tense, and the kids...yeah forget it. By giving my clients opportunities to engage with each other through exploration and play I have found I get better photos 100% of the time!

Well, its basically amazing

We work together to choose a location that you love, maybe a place you explore often or maybe one of my many hidden gems. Together we go over a style concept and an overall idea. Maybe you would like to dance in the wild flowers, or fish in the river as a family.  Whatever you choose, we will use to make magic. During your session I may play music, or prompt you with games or tasks to keep the flow going. You get to play and explore the location while I document each moment, capturing giggles, kisses, and all the happy accidents that may occur.

What is it like?

Who's it for?

Couples, families, and indeviduals

Adventure Sessions are for...EVERYONE! So, families, couples, seniors, maternity, and all the others too! These sessions are booked at an hourly rate based on location, and cover all sessions that don't fall under Weddings, Elopements, or Branding. If you don't see you session type here send me a contact form with your inquiry.



Keeping it close to the home turf!  Within 20 miles of Columbia falls, MT

Columbia FAlls and surrounding areas have so much to offer in the way of photography locations. From meadows to rivers and lakes the views are amazing. 

The area offers lots of adventure activities aswell, like fishing, hiking, skiing, and more. no matter if your a true valley local, or here on vacation you too can benefit from this amazing locals session.


For those looking to explore further

This option is for those looking to get outside the immediate north valley area. That could mean going as far as libby, MT or to far east glacier national park, or even further south passed polson.

With montana sprawling over mountans, valleys, lakes and rivers, there are tons of possibilities and im always up for a little roadtrip! The sky is the limit with this longer and farther session option!