It's just, me, and my camera.

Romanticising your adventures.

"We're not models, and we are both kind of awkward."

- The voice of litterally everyone i work with...before i photograph them.

This is how cute you will be in your photos! i Promise!

This is where I come in!

The secret to amazing photos isnt about you as much as its about me...

follow me, When you trust someone you relax. When you relax, you have fun. And when you have fun you smile, you giggle, you play. And thats how i get amazing photos of you.
every. single. time.


all of these were shot in accessible areas, or just very short walks!

But I'm not athletic...

How will i get to these locations?

#1. I'm a chonky girl...if i can get there, theres a prettty good chance any one can! Haha!

#2. Montana, and the world in fact, is full of thousands of breathtaking locations with view that are to die for...and thousands of them are accessible! some are just feet from where you park! litterally.

"The greatest goal I have in every single elopement, wedding, portrait session, every session I go into.... is to capture what if feels like."

I don't know about you but every image here brings forth a new emotion.