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We're Ready to Book, What Now?

How Many Images Do We Get?

Can We Get The RAW Images?

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How Will You Deliver Our Photos?

What if We Need To Cancel/Reschedule Our Elopement?

What Happens if You Can't Make It to Our Elepement?

What is Your Retainer And Refund Policy?

Well, are you a little rough around the edges, adventurous, totally in love, and down for the most epic experience of your life? Yeah? Well then, I'd say we're a pretty good fit, but we won't know for sure till after that discovery call so feel free to reach out and get yours set up!

I have 4 different elopement packages starting at $3000 USD, and prices vary based on package option (amount of time) and location. Locations closer to home are a bit less as I include travel in all of my packages. I do have 10% select locations if you check out my  Bucket List Locations at the bottom of my Home Page.

I plan to keep my list close and intimate for the next couple of years while my kiddos are still small, this allows me to really focus on the few elopements I take, and really give my couples my all. I don't plan to take more than 15 weddings/elopements this year.

Heck Yeah! I do the majority of my work out of GNP simply because it's my local market, however I love to travel and would love to meet up with you anywhere you choose! In fact, I have a whole list of locations I will do at a discounted rate just because I'm so excited to work there. 

Typically I tell couples they should book 9-12 months in advance, but truthfully you should book as soon as you can if you have a date in mind. Even if you don't have a location chosen you can still secure me for your date and we will work out the rest in due time. Securing your date band paying your retainer insures I won't be booked for your date by another couple.

Hell Yes! Booking with me is super simple. All you have to do is fill out the contact form or click "Book Me" at the top of this page and within 48 hours I will reach out to schedule your call. Once you know I'm your gal I'll send over a contract and invoice. Once the contract is signed and the retainer is paid we will officially be booked!

Each wedding/elopement is different, however you will get all of the usable images from your day. That means if it's not a duplicate, and everyone's eyes are open etc. then it will be in your gallery. Typically you can expect 50+ images per hour, give or take, but I like to focus on quality over quantity.

Short answer: No. Most people don't understand what RAW really means, and I must assume you simply mean "Unedited" Images, and I do not give out any unedited images because it simply isn't an accurate representation of my work. Each image you receive will be artfully edited to perfection.

You will receive 10+ web size images within 48 hours of the elopement day for you to share with your friends and family. These will not be High resolution print size images. You will receive your full High Res. gallery about 8-12 weeks later. 

I am a firm advocate of promoting body positivity and self-love both in my professional work and personal life. Therefore, I adhere to a policy of refraining from digitally manipulating or altering any characteristics that make you uniquely you. The only modifications I make are limited to minor, temporary blemishes such as acne, scratches, or bruises. 

If you’ve already signed a contract and put a retainer down on a date then have to move it or cancel it, the retainer is legally non-refundable. You will need to make a new retainer in order to hold your new date.

I will be delivering all images to your through a custom password protected link. From there you will be able to view and download all of your images right to your phone or computer. 

Luckily that has never even come close to happening, however you are protected in your contract. In the event that I can not personally be at your elopement or wedding I will hire a photographer to shoot the day for me and I will still edit all of your images. If I can’t find someone to replace me on your elopement day your money will be refunded.

I require a 25% retainer to book your date, the remaining balance must be paid 30 days before your elopement day. For adventure sessions / couples sessions etc. 50% is due to book and the balance is due 7 days before the session.

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