A Different way to learn...

Let's grow together!

Because the world is lonely enough!

When I started photography almost 3 years ago, I remember how isolated and alone I felt. I didn't live in an area with a great and uplifting community like some of my online friends talked about. I didn't feel welcomed in the local community of photographers, and I didn't have anyone to go to for help as I was learning and growing. AND IT SUCKED!

I don't ever want anyone else to feel like that so I grew and gained knowledge. I started showing up in fb communities and online groups. Answering questions, inspiring others, and being a sounding board when needed.

I'm constantly feeding into this community and decided to take it a step further and offer mentorships. 

It's whatever you need it to be!!!

Mentoring calls can be alot of things. Sometimes its working on basic skills, or editing, or even branding help. Whatever you need to grow and reach new levels in your journey, I'm here to coach you in whatever you need!

We can talk about...

Camera Settings

Lighting Skills

Shooting Techniques

Poses and Prompts

Pricing yourself for Profits

Finding your Bread & Butter

Amplifying your Strengths

Building a Brand



Virtual Mentorships

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

“Your biggest asset is yourself. Invest in personal growth, skills, and knowledge. It is the surest path to success and fulfillment.”

The Mentor Options...

Three levels of mentorships perfect for each level of coaching needs!

1:1 Mentor Call

3 call series

6 month
"Grow with Me"

This is great for Newbies or Photogs looking fo a refresher. This is ideal if there are just 1-2 things you're looking to get some clarity on.

This is great for those looking for a little more than just a basic overview or refresh. This is more for someone needing in-depth mentoring in 3-5 areas of business. 

This is the "Best Friend Clearance" option. You not only get 1 Mentor call per month for 6 months, but you gain all access to me. We not only deep dive into your business and your growth, but we become besties. For 6 Months I pour all of myself into your business and help you grow!

  • 60 Minute Call
  • Planning Questionnaire
  • My Advice & Knowledge
  • Plan of Action & Homework
  • 3 - 60 Minute Calls
  • Planning Questionnaire
  • My Advice & Knowledge
  • Plan of Action & Homework
  • Check-in Emails Once a Week for 6 weeks
  • 6 - 60 Minute Calls
  • Planning Questionnaire
  • My Advice & Knowledge
  • Plan of Action & Homework
  • Weekly Check-in Emails
  • Access to Private Chats/Text




What is the process...?

Booking your call (or calls) is super simple! Follow the steps below to get the show going!

Get in touch!

I offer 1:1 hour long mentor calls for $199. Each session is tailored to you and your needs. No two sessions will be the same, and nothing is off limits. I will give you tools, resources, and real life ways to implement and practice. Along with a little homework to push you further so that you can begin to see growth right away!

Submit an Inquiry


Lock it in

After you submit your inquiry you'll get an email from me right away with a little more info. I'll follow it up with an invoice to make it all official like! Once I receive your payment I'll send you a scheduler and you get to pick a date and time for your call! I'll follow it up with a Zoom Link  and pencil you in on my end!


Grow together

After everything is official and that link is created on zoom, I'll send you  in depth questionnaire to learn all about you, your business, your skill level, your goals and dreams. Then I do all the prep work on my end, and we meet on zoom. We spend 60 thrilling minutes going over all of your key points and strategizing your growth! After the call you'll get a follow up email with a list of what we chat about and the plan for your growth, and homework tasks.


Let's Do It!!